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DIY Drinking Horn

This week I made a LARP craft for my one and only. <3 I made this drinking horn made from a replica powder horn! The powder horn makes an ideal starting point because it’s closer in size to a cup that we would drink from in the modern day than any antique horns on the

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Cuffed Medieval Pants

This year, the Oxford Ren Fest snuck up on me. Every year the Oxford Ren Fest sneaks up on me. But this year, it snuck up and my three year old had outgrown his costume! I whipped up a ten-minute tricorn and a t-shirt tunic. With the top half of him out of the way,

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T-Shirt to Tunic

The tunic is an important LARPing staple. They’ve been worn in one style or another across Europe from before the fall of Rome, and well into the middle ages.  Nowadays, a tunic and leggings is a pretty fashionable women’s style, but I’ve tagged it here as men’s wear because a tunic and pants make an

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D4 Dice Bag with Pattern

Winter LARPing can be a blast, but my local games don’t run weekend-long events in the off-season. That means winter is for catching up on other nerdy pursuits! I’ve been gifted piles and piles of small fabric scraps lately, so with this last kick of snow, I decided to enjoy one last kick of non-LARP

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Ten Minute Tricorn

There’s nothing I like more than listening to a historian rant on Youtube, unless it’s a historian ranting about clothing. So I was intrigued when I watched this episode of Lindybeige about the versatile wide-brimmed felt hat and the many ways of styling it for your LARP characters. Lindybeige demonstrates some great shapes the hat

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No Sewing Machine? No Problem!

I remember falling asleep to the sound of my mother’s Kenmore whirring along in the room beside mine. Sometimes, if I couldn’t fall asleep, I would sit on the floor beside her and watch her projects take shape. I have fond memories of my mother, my sister and I, all kneeling on the floor, pinning