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Larp on the Cheap is an idea that has bounced around new player teams at all the LARPs I’ve attended, for as long as I’ve been LARPing. Everyone wants a resource they can direct players to where instructions and inspirations for all kinds of costume pieces are together in one place. Unfortunately, most teams are so busy actually helping the new players who are seeking them out that they never have enough time or energy left over to focus on such a goal. Larp on the Cheap aspires to support all LARPs and LARPers, and to make the hobby more accessible to first timers who don’t want to over-invest before they get their feet wet. I hope you enjoy!

About Me

My name is Morgaine and I’ve been a part of the Canadian LARP community in various capacities since 2008. Though I don’t think of myself as an expert in any field, I enjoy crafting of all sorts, and I love to be able to share what I’ve learned. When I’m not sewing and LARPing, I read mystery novels and chase my toddlers.


Thoughts about my blog? Ideas for topics that you would find helpful? Love to hear from you! Email me at talktome@larponthecheap.com.

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