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I bet you’ve seen this hat but never heard of it…

Bycocket, WikipediaIf You’re like I was 30 seconds before I started writing this post, the word “bycocket” was not a part of your vocabulary. On the other hand, I guarantee it was floating around in your mental image gallery. Worn by both men and women, and the common as well as the elite, the bycocket cap, better known as “the Robin Hood hat,” can be made to suit many costumes. It can be made from a wide range of materials and left as plain or made as ornate suits your role. Though it shames me to divulge this, my first bycocket was a horrible Medieval Times gift shop confection made from bright pink felt.But while my 

materials are much improved, the shape is more or less identical. The best thing about the bycocket cap? You can make it with a yard of fabric and 4 lines of stitching. I timed myself making this sample cap and it took me 27 minutes. Check it out!

Step one: Cut your pieces. The pattern is available to download for free. There are only two pieces, and they’re identical. How awesome is that? I prefer light to medium weight felts, lightweight leathers, or medium weight woven cloth. You’ll see why in the final step.

Step two: With right sides together, sew along the curved edge of the cap. Turn the wrong sides together and press.

Step three (optional): For a more polished looking finished product, run a second stitch along the curved edge about ¼” from the seam.

Step four: Fold in half along the curved edge. Sew along the longer of the two straight edges. Turn rough seam to the inside and press again.

Step five: The last stitch! Stitch the short straight edge, then turn up the brim and press. That’s all there is to it! Because of all the folds leading up to this step, this last seam can be hard for entry-level sewing machines if you used very heavy material. I once had to do this last seam with a thimble and an upholstery needle. Luckily, it’s a short and simple seam!

Photo courtesy of Underworld London Chapter by Daniel G Finn Productions

Morgaine Halpin

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