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On beyond Medieval Fantasy…

Medieval fantasy is the vanilla of the LARP ice cream shop. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some vanilla ice cream (as you could tell from my posts so far), but there’s lots more to try and enjoy. Today I was delighted to learn that a longtime LARPer friend of mine is collaborating on a modern occult horror: Altered LARP. Drooling over his excellent looking rulebook reminded me that I haven’t posted any costuming ideas for modern settings, so lets get to it!



Spooky, mysterious, weeeeeiiird, and lots of fun to play. This robe is basically just a sheet of fabric with a head hole in the middle, and for a modern LARP, you could cut that head hole into anything from emergency Mylar to velvet, according to your character’s details. Gas masks are widely and cheaply available from army surplus stores. As for the staff? Candle holders, duct tape, and sheer brilliance!


Viking Scrapper

This modern mythic badass is another cheap costuming win. Every clothing element – the pants, shirt and jacket – can be bought thrift and distressed as lightly or heavily as you’d like. The fur element is so small that it could be salvaged from any jacket with a fur collar detail or a cutting from a knock-off Ikea rug. After that, it’s just layers and layers of flavour details. Those can be built on with eyelets and twine, duct tape, two-part apoxy or many other means. While we can’t see this costuming hero’s feet, this costume would go perfectly with combat boots, which are the warmest, driest and comfiest footwear I’ve ever LARPed in, and also a cheap surplus buy.
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Modern Knight

Just because the situation is dark and desperate doesn’t mean you have to give up on the standards you learned in a better season of your life. Whether you’re a lone-wolf knight errant or a soldier in a private army, some groups will seek out gear that is uniform, wear matching colours, and maintain a general level of neatness and cleanliness. I love the tactical vest in this example because my absolute favourite design element is pockets. In the perfect world, you want pockets for gear, snacks, tags (if your game uses them), out of game gear, healing potions, last-resort weapons and anything else you can think of. The ski goggles are great facial protection and, especially at the end of the winter, they’d be an easy thrift buy.
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If you’re part of my Ontario LARPer crowd and this post has you chomping at the bit to fight mutants and madness in a wilderness expanse, Altered will be opening this summer in Barrie, Ontario and I would love to see you there!

Morgaine Halpin

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